How to Find Hacked WordPress Files and Protect Against Intrusions

Tamper-evident seals are common in the marketplace for physical goods. They instantly boost consumer confidence, because nobody wants to buy the peanut butter that has already been sniffed and tasted by a total stranger. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an equally easy way to tell if WordPress files had been tampered with or hacked? For the average user or developer, it’s not easy to assess core files and plugins for tampering.  Read More at

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I have been involved in Web Development for over 12 years. I recently made the switch to WordPress. It does have it’s limitations and problems. WordPress now makes up approximately 18% of websites on the web. That’s where I come in. No matter what your problem I can help. I do the following plus much more: Installation Configuration Troubleshooting Hack Recovery Security Hardening SEO Hosting Migration WordPress Maintenance
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