10 WordPress Backup Tools to Protect Your Blog and Site

“I lost all my data.”  That phrase strikes fear into every business owner’s heart. One reason: we feel one another’s pain when such an event occurs. Another reason: many of us fail to back up our data regularly, even though we know we should!

It’s even worse when you lose the data on your website or blog – because it’s obvious to the whole world and it affects your credibility.  Since there are so many small business owners using WordPress as their main websites, we thought it would be prudent to cover some tools that protect your WordPress content and data. READ MORE…

About the Author

I have been involved in Web Development for over 12 years. I recently made the switch to WordPress. It does have it’s limitations and problems. WordPress now makes up approximately 18% of websites on the web. That’s where I come in. No matter what your problem I can help. I do the following plus much more: Installation Configuration Troubleshooting Hack Recovery Security Hardening SEO Hosting Migration WordPress Maintenance
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